This Sweet Video of People Dancing Naked in Public Will Charm Your Pants Off VH1 promo for Dating Naked is one fun frolic

Who feels like getting naked and dancing through the strees of Los Angeles? Wait, don’t answer until you’ve watched this.

In a charming (and essentially safe for work) video promo for its upcoming reality series Dating Naked, VH1 and agency Mistress filmed a diverse mix of people whirling and waltzing around a small crowd of onlookers in L.A. to the tune of “I’m Just Wild About Harry.”

The result is a one-take clip free of the kind of sleazy sexualization we usually see in nudity-based ads. It feels instead like a warm-hearted celebration of dropping inhibitions (and trousers) in the name of self-expression.

It’s also timed to correspond with National Nude Day, which I’m told is today. (Sorry, France, here in America the Bastille is a distant second to bare buttocks.)

Hopefully that tone will carry through to the Dating Naked series, in which participants go through the typical courtship rituals with strangers—except, as you could guess, they’re nude

Game of Thrones, Season 4 – VFX making of reel

Mackevision is proud to be along with other world-class VFX studios part of this saga: Game of Thrones, Season 4

Beats by Dre | The Game Before The Game

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From the archives: the 2008 poster campaign that reversed 16 years of declining sales for Canadian Club whiskey. Fun fact: The vintage photographs came from the family albums of agency staff.

Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago

(via darksilenceinsuburbia)

bosnian retiree hand-builds a wooden volkswagen beetle
71-year-old bosnian retiree momir bojic has crafted a completely wooden volkswagen beetle exterior from over 50,000 pieces of hand-carved oak. almost every detail of the fully-functioning automobile — from the windshield wipers to the side view mirrors and tire spokes — have been intricately formed from the light brown wooden medium. driving it around the streets of his hometown near banja luka, bosnia with an all-oak steering wheel, bojic — clad in a matching wooden cap — and his completely bespoke cruiser certainly make a scene. you can see more about the project on international business times.

Coca-Cola Sets Up Tiny Kiosks To Promote Miniature Cans

They say “good things come in small packages”—that seems to be the idea behind the Coca-Cola campaign ‘Mini Kiosk’.

To promote its Mini Cans, Coca-Cola and ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Berlin installed tiny Coke kiosks around cities in Germany.

The tagline for this campaign: “It’s the little things in life that makes us happy”.

air-purifying billboard in peru cleans 3.5 million cubic feet of pollution per day

After 22 Attempts, Turkish Airlines Finally Pulled Off This Epic Pool Dunk CP+B had only 4 hours to make one-shot ad work

Euroleague ballers Shawn James, Kyle Hines, Robin Benzing and Sergio Rodriguez hoop it up poolside and make a big splash in Crispin Porter + Bogusky London’s new Turkish Airlines spot that builds up to an amazing aqua-dunk.

In the making-of clip, executive producer Rob Steiner sums up the challenge: “It’s a one-shot ad—30 seconds. We’ve got two cranes, 12 players—four pros—all of whom have to be synchronized and choreographed perfectly. We’ve got one day to shoot this, but in reality we’ve got four hours, because the professionals are only here for that time.”

After 22 takes, it all came together, with the guys making improbable passes across, around and into a fancy outdoor pool in Madrid. Ultimately, the shot gets made thanks to an epic assist from a guy hovering on some sort of jet-sneaks.  Boy, they sure play by different rules overseas! 

The ad was inspired by the explosion of epic pool dunks on Vine and YouTube last summer, such as this diving-sliding-balcony-tossing classic

Sigh. I can barely dunk chips in a bowl of salsa while watching a game on TV.

This Barbecue Bible Can Sharpen Your Knife, Light Your Fire and Serve Your Steak JWT Brazil gets chefs’ attention for cookware brand

Client: Tramontina
Agency: JWT Brazil
Title: The Bible of Barbecue
Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John
Creative Directors: Erick Rosa, Diego Wortmann
Head of Art: Fabio Simões
Art Director: Lucas Reis
Copywriters: Sleyman Khodor, Patrick Matzenbacher, Lucas Tristão, Fernando Duarte
Photography: Régis Fernandez
Illustration: Estúdio Olho Bala, Lucas Reis
Production Company: Santa Transmedia
Director: Gustavo Gripe
Motion Designers: Guilherme Krolow, Filipe Birck
Director of Photography: Raul Krebs
Audio Production: Antfood